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Dennis James


Course Description

You will explore your own personal educational philosophy through historical research about familiar institutions, infrastructure analysis of local public schools, colleges, and the WTCS, and the fundamentals of educational processes.  Ideally, you will make cross-college connections that will lay the groundwork for future teamwork efforts.

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Taking Ownership - Class Manual

Learning is About Making Connections

Philosphy of Teaching Statements

Shop Class as Soulcraft

Course Learning Objectives

Students will learn: How past historical events have influenced the "shape" of the current system, evaluate how national issues and trends impact Madison Area Technical College/WTCS.  From this knowledge, students will develop a personal plan to continuously improve on playing an effective role in increasing positive change.

Students will learn: To interpret the missions of the WTCS, Madison Area Technical College and their program, and evaluate how they relate to each other as well as to the missions of the University of Wisconsin System, Public K-12 System, and other educational providers. 

Students will learn: To analyze the major sources of WTCS revenue and describe the role they play in management of district funds and resources.

Students will learn: To understand how occupational analysis and the WTCS program development process guides the development, implementation, and evaluation of instructional programs.  They will develop a plan to implement a process of continuous improvement in a program or functional area.

Students will learn: To question how their professional role relates to the roles and responsibilities of others in both the WTCS and Madison Area Technical College.  They will develop a personal strategy for contributing to the continuous improvement of their program, department, or division.




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